The aim of the magazine is to investigate debate and reflect on the interior architecture in all its different aspects.

There are many magazines about interiors but few of them analyze the world of the interior architecture with an academic and scientific point of view. That’s why we have decide to gave birth to this project that will be free by charge for the authors in order to help young innovative researcher and open source for the reader to wide the audience.

The magazine is structured in 5 areas: living, retail, Exhibit & Museum, Working, Public Spaces. In each number there’ll be at least one article for area. The subjects of the article could be about design, materials, perception, space etc.

We want to promote the cultural exchange between disciplines as interior architecture has close connection to the art, the psychology and the social contest opening the magazine to the entire researcher in the field of interiors.

We want to promote the innovation inside interiors giving a high end position to the article that will show it.
 The magazine will be published once a year.

Scientific Committee:

  • Prof. Valeria Minucciani, Polytechnic of Turin
  • Prof. Katelijn Quartier, University of Hasselt
  • Prof. Francesca Murialdo, Middlesex University
  • Prof. Elena Dellapiana, Politecnico di Torino
  • Prof. Ricardo Guasch Ceballos, ELISAVA
  • Prof. Graeme Brooker, RCA London
  • Prof. Els de Vos, Antwerpen University

Editor in Chief

  • Arch. PhD Maria Maddalena Margaria